Fellow bloggers and other readers I am leaving for college tomorrow. By the way I am quite excited for that as its IIT Kanpur. I am among the last in my friend circle to leave and most of them have already left. Among the friends here some want to meet me before I leave but cant due to practical problems and then there are some who want to meet , can meet but wont . Queer indeed. Hence friends the frequency of my posts will vary. Sorry for that. But for friends who will still blog - enjoy it and express yourselves always. Don't just keep things to yourselves. Bye guys for now. Cheers and laters.

Sarcasm, by definition, is an cutting often ironic statement intended to wound or humour. Definitely not something to use when you are at the barber's. Why you may want to ask? Because of the following events:

1. A bright,sunny Sunday it was and God only knows why everyone in this part of the country finds Sunday the unwritten day to get your haircut. The practical reason behind this trend is obviously Sunday being a holiday and you need not worry about going to work but can worry about your looks. So there was this really long queue at the barber's.

After having read the newspaper twice and heard to all the vernacular hits from the stereo and forty-five minutes the guy just ahead of me his turn came. He was still scooping the newspaper and had also waited 45 minutes. The barber guy asked him,"Sir,have you come to have your hair cut?"

"No I have come to read the newspaper." The man said with heavy sarcasm and returned to his news. So I went ahead and got seated.

Fifteen minutes later as I was leaving our sarcasm man was bickering why his turn had not come and the barber guy replied, "Sir you only said yourself you just came to read the newspaper. Believe me sir some people come here to do that."

But 'sir' was not in the mood for sarcasm.

2.I had gone for a haircut and this barber guy asks me "Do you want to have a shave also?"
This time I reply sarcastically "Yeah definitely. Shave also. That will also test how well you can shave others." I told this cause I had shaved myself just the day before.

But seriously this guy had no sense of sarcasm and had prepared his foam and was about to apply when I stopped him.

Seriously , barbers might be good at talking about a lot of topics while doing their job but sarcasm does not go well with them.

I was at the railway station today booking tickets for a trip and they were more than one person. there who were not in their best moods.

"And 100% tax exemption for political funding. You have hundreds of crores for political campaigns and they go tax free now..." Mr. A was shouting.

"Now that it is raining,I am hating it. The road in front of my house has disappeared. Can you believe that there are people who enjoy all this rain. My landlady's children were bathing yesterday in this rain with soap and scrubber at night 9 . Can you believe that?" Told Mr.X to someone.

"See the guy in front of you has made his ticket but has not paid.So you have to wait for him to come or pay his money and take your ticket," said the clerk. After listening to this a Mr. D forgot he was at a public place and shouted at the top of his voice at the clerk. This was reasonable though I thought.

I don't know why but today was not a normal day there.But the most amazing (why am I calling someone's spontaneous overflow of emotions 'amazing'?) and entertaining(Why entertaining?) is the one that follows.

There was this homely, beautiful girl standing with her father in the ladies and physically handicapped line. As soon as her turn came the father sidelined his daughter and started talking with the woman in charge of that ticket-counter.

"You are neither physically disabled nor a woman. So how come you are standing in this line?" she demanded.

"Well, my daughter was standing in the line..," the father defended himself.

"Just use your daughter. Keep her in a corner of the house and don't let her out to learn things herself. You know , mister, that you are the reason why women in this country can't progress and become independent. Because of people like you the purpose of a girl's life here is only to change a surname and stand in a ladies' line.See I don't want to make an issue."

"Make an issue? You already have, ma'm. Why don't yo just make the tickets and give us? I know you have a monotonous job and you are taking out your frustration like this?"

"Enough sir. If I did not do this monotonous job you can't go on your little trip to..." Looking a the form she said, " Bangalore. If I wanted..."

"Look,ma'm I have had enough of this.I will complain to..."

The 'homely' girl now had also had enough and went to the counter.Setting her father aside she said,"Ma'm please make the tickets." And finally this woman made.

Seriously something was wrong today. May be this woman let loose her feelings because there was no one else in the line. May be...

Subhayan of the fame of 'Wrahoolz Wramblingz' fame has honoured and humbled me with 'The Totally Bindaas Blogger' award. I hereby put that award on display. You can catch the entire award ceremony by this link if you are interested: http://wramblingz.blogspot.com/2009/07/ok-everybody-this-is-post-you-all-had.html.

Now Subhayan is a really enterprising guy who has hit two targets with one arrow. Not only has he given the awarded bloggers appreciation plus has got together a number of bloggers - all very different in the topics they write on and their approach to the decided topics. Hats-off to you, Subhayan. And again thanks a lot.

11 PM

"Debi just tell hello to the person I put you through on the conference now, okay,"said Shruti.

"Okay." So finally she had found someone for me. YIPEEE!!!

"Hi." Said a defintively male voice.

I said hello as instructed and he kept the phone. So this girl is trying to hook me up with a guy or what? I needed an explanation.

She called five minutes later.

"Debi, thanks a lot. That guy was such a bore. Let me tel you then what all he has been telling..."

That made me heave a sigh of relief and all my questions were answered(at least those that mattered.)

"See. Anurag is this guy in my class. He somehow got my phone number and is calling me up at odd hours. First up he calls and when I ask him his name he tells "What's in a name oh pretty maiden, call me by any I will still be yours " and then after a pause adds "by Shakespeare with the help of Anurag." So Debi see he actually gives me his name but ..."

"...praises himself also.He has style then. Quite a casanova you have got there," I say looking at the broken watch on my table.

"I talked first. Just like that. But he does not want just like that. He wants all that. Comes up with cheesy romantic lines and bores. He must have told that I am beautiful about a hundred times in the two times he has actually called. Seriously boys do get a little over-confident on phone, Orkut, Facebook etc etc as compared to real-life.But I know he is just a 'windy' guy."

She really knows guys then. Or at least thinks so? But another terminology after Kutian.'Windy.."

"'Windy' meaning?" asked a confused Debi.

"Windy as in who talks a lot and thus creates a lot of wind and is incapable of strong action. So today when he called first I let it ring and then informed you. So he thought my father or brother picked up and thus hung."

Smart thinking there (na?). Seriously girls in colleges and in higher education ar subject to such idiotic overtures of 'friendship' and I guess Shruti did come up with a good way to avoid but then you need to have conference call facility for that.

"Issued in Public Interest for People who have the Chromosome that I don't"

Seriously when we all shout(this includes me also guys.. notice I used 'we') that people making advertisements are stupid we must realise that their target audience must be expected to be as much stupid if not more. Why do these people under-estimate us so much? A few case-studies...I am not using any names. You know just in case...

1.An AD for a Soap That is Supposed to Make us Fairer
A girl uses this soap(let's call it 'good') on one cheek and another 'ordinary' soap on the other cheek and WOW! The one with the ordinary soap is darker than the one that was done with the soap in question. Friends I don't know about the Photoshop effects used and make up used to prove one cheek darker(Come on that had to be false a girl that pretty would never agree to such attrocities.) but look at this... The lighting of her face is done from the 'good soap' side so that the shadow of the nose naturally darkens the 'ordinary soap' side. I hope you are getting what I am implying.

2.An AD for Chips
A girl and a guy are making a dish where the ingredients are this, that and the chips obviously. They make some idiotic dish with everything else but the chips and they finally throw away the dish in the dustbin(It was really idiotic!!) and eat the chips. WOW! How does this highlight the good features of the chips? Yes it did highlight their slogan but that is equally idiotic guys...

3.An AD for A Computer Training Programme
A girl comes in for an interview and drops her certificates(by mistake or by design I really don't know) and on one of these certificates the name of this programme was written. Somehow all the other entrants see this certificate and of their own accord leave leaving this girl to collect the certificate after ample time, give a million-dollar smile for the camera before going for the interview. Now where in the world do we find such under-confident people for an interview? Plus by this the ad is trying to give us the message by telling "WE ARE GOOD". Who doesn't? Who won't say they are good? Come on show us something about your institute or your programme details. Anything but this.

4.An AD for A Cellphone Network Providing Company
Showcasing the captain of our Indian cricket team advertising the fact that he can stay connected to his friends by a particular site which can be run by a particular service that this network provides. Once this happened. Our respected captain had got out and then this AD was aired. I was buying something at this hotel. Captain tells in ad "I love to be connected to my friends" and a guy at the hotel says "I think that was why you got out so early this time? Now remain connected till the next innings..."Sorry Captain don't take it in the wrong sense.

5.An AD for a Bike
A man finds a genie. He gives him everything "hi-fi"but this guy wanted "normal" stuff - be it a house, a wife or a bike.So he rejects the "good" bike the one being advertised for and takes a normal one. So the bottom-line is that the bike was good or rather hi-fi. But how and why?

Come on advertisers you have enough creativity to come up with such peculiar ideas just do something with substance. I know you all work under a lot of time pressure but make your ads worth their air-rate(if that is the term)...

I have been tagged by Shilpa(again) and Subhayan for both the tags below.

1. 5 Things I Love About Myself
Frankly I feel very blocked when asked such abstract questions about myself.So here goes...

1.My memory.(I think it's good in terms of events not that good in terms of exact statistical data.)
2.I enjoy whatever thing I decide to take up.(Hey don't judge the opposite thing that I take up things that I enjoy.)
3.I think I give good advice and suggestions to others on almost everything.
4.I also like my observational skills.
5.My family and friends - very helpful and supportive of what I do or aspire to do.

See I am very bad at all this stuff. The above write-up seems so self-obsessed(What else did you expect?)

2. Get to Know Me Tag

Q.How tall are you barefoot?
A.5 feet 8 and a half inches

Q.Have you ever smoked before?

Q.Do you own a gun?

Q.If you had a mental disorder what would it be?
A.Some disease in which I can see vivid visuals that no one else has seen.(I don't have one now though.)

Q.How many letters are in your crush's name?
A.Guess that 'crush' is no longer a crush....

Q.What's your fav silly song?
A.Excuse me Kya re.

Q.What do you prefer to drnk in the morning?
A.Lemon tea.

Q.What was the first thing you thought of when you woke up today?
A.What must be Subhayan's reply to that big comment I left on his blog?

Q.What secret weapon do you use to lure the opposite sex?
A.Weapon..It's love not war. May be humour.

Q.Do you own a knife?

Q.Name the last thing you bought today?
A.Dairy Milk for my sister.

Q.Name five regular drinks you drink?
A.Milk,Tea,Coffee,Water and Mango shake.

Q.What time did you wake up today?
A.9 AM(Hey I had slept at 1AM)

Q.What song do you want to be played at your funeral?
A.I don't think they play songs in Hindu funerals.

Q.What song did you last hear?
A."Teardrops on My Guitar" by Taylor Swift.

Q.Favorite Place to Be?
A.Home or Somewhere with my friends.

Q.Least fav place to be?
A.Get-togethers where I am Out-of-place.

Q.Do you own slippers?
A.Yeah..Who doesn't?

Q.Where do you think you will be in ten years from now?
A. No idea.

Q.Do you burn or tan?

Q.Yellow or blue?

Q.What songs do you sing in the shower?

Q.What did you think was going to get to tou at night as a child?
A.Ghosts or may be giant spiders.

Q.What is in your pockets right now?

Q.Last thing that made you laugh?
A."Whose Line is It anyway?"

Q.Best bed sheets you had as a child?
A.Hey, there's a limit now. I am really tired of non-sense questions.

Q.Worst injury you have had?
A.A broken wrist.

Q.Do you wish on stars?
A.No.(All these Do you.. questions I have answered in the negative.)

Q.What were you doing at 1AM last night?
A.I have already answered that.

Q.Name 3 things yoy are thinking right now?
A. Well..
1.Why Me,Shilpa and Subhayan?
2.Who made up these questions?
3.I feel blocked again....

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